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Welcome to mediaHUMP!

Did you ever wish for a place where you could not only upload, store and share all your media quickly and painlessly without all the hassle? Look no further because you've found it!

We offer you a quick and flexable way of sharing your media for free! You can share it with everybody or just Your Friends. But wait, it doesn't stop there! Apart from being easy on the eyes, we also offer you a way to post lots of other things like different texts, scribbles which a friend can then edit, easy overview and management of everything belonging to you and much, much more, all packed with feature-rich goodies!

To register just hop on over to the Free Registration Form to be able to use mediaHUMP in all its glory. Please note, if you already have an account on you do NOT need to register again! Just use that account information to login and you are ready to go.

  • Every image now offers a way to chat amongst yourselfs. You will notice it by the discussion icon (). Standard BB tags are supported such as:
    • [B] [/B] for bold
    • [U] [/U] for underline
    • [I] [/I] for italic
    • [QUOTE] [/QUOTE]
  • Also if you find an image offensive you can immediatley report it by using the Inapproprite Content Icon () found at the top-left.
  • As always, hope you like the changes! Don't forget to keep us apprised of any anomalies via the Feedback Form!