The Scribble Area

To post a scribble just fill up the blank area at the bottom. You can password protect your scribble and share it with your friends, which they can then use to modify it. A perfect way of allowing your buddy to help you with your homework or something else. If you choose not to protect it, the scribble will be viewable to all, but no one but you will be able to edit it.

NOTE: The protection password must consist of only letters and numbers (minimum 5 characters) and is not case sensitive!
Scribble Options
Protection Password
Syntax Highlight
Use Identation
Strip HTML Tags
Allowed Tags in the Scribble
Tag Effect
[B] The surrounded text is heavier
[I] The surrounded text is italic
[U] The surrounded text is underlined
[S] The surrounded text is striked-out
  • This text will be [B]bold[/B]!
  • This text will be [B][I]bold and italic[/I][/B]!